Sevier Avenue Project - The Sevier Avenue Project is the largest and most comprehensive utility improvement project in the history of the Kingsport Public Works Department. When the project is complete, the street - and everything around it - will be new.       More
Colonial Heights Water Line Upgrades - The water lines serving the Colonial Heights water district exhibit significant deterioration and contribute to frequent service disruptions (leaks, breaks) and impair water quality in the service area.         More
Fall Branch Water Line Upgrades - When the City absorbed the Fall Branch area water district in 1990, the City inherited a large number of substandard water lines. The deteriorated lines contribute to frequent service disruptions (leaks, breaks) and impair water quality in the service area.      More
Water Tanks Rehabilitation - The City's water system relies on 22 water tanks to supply adequate storage and pressure to its 38,000 customers that are spread across 15 pressure zones. The water tanks provide a total of 16.3 million gallons of storage capacity.        More
Downtown Water Line Replacement - In April 2002, Department of Public Works staff provided a presentation to the BMA highlighting the findings of a six month engineering study commissioned to investi-gate the causes of the water breaks in the City's largest water main.   More
Tri-County Pressure Zone Upgrades - The Tri-County pressure zone is a rural area that consists of customers in western Sullivan County and eastern Washington and Greene Counties.      More
Water Treatment Plant Upgrades - Currently in the design phase for this project. It will consist of replacing the filter media in all of our filters and installation of generators.     More
Ridgefields Road bridges waterline installation - The City is always looking for ways to more efficiently serve our customers. This project will improve the redundancy of our system.     More
Wilcox Drive Extension Phase II - In this project we will be installing a new waterline along the newly installed Wilcox Drive Extension.     More
West View Pump Station Upgrade - The pump station feeding our Lynn Garden/ Hiara Heights pressure zone is the last pump station in our system to be upgraded.     More
City Pressure Zone Upgrades - The year 2005 will mark the beginning of a multi-phase project to upgrade the waterlines in the city pressure zone.    More
Indian Spring Pressure Zone Upgrades - Beginning in the fall of 2005 we will start design on aging waterlines in this area.    More
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