Water Projects:
Water Tanks Rehabilitation

Cost Estimate:

$2.5 million

Stage of Development:

Currently working in Phase IV, which includes Edens Ridge Tank and Walnut Lane tank. State mandated 5-year inspections for all tanks will begin in September 2004.


We are entering the fifth year of our Tank Rehabilitation program. In 2000 we enlisted an engineering consultant, Barge, Waggoner, Sumner, & Cannon, to inspect all of our system’s water storage tanks. They prepared a report and aided us in developing a plan to rehabilitate our aging tanks. In 2000, we repainted Hillcrest tank and installed state required safety features.

In 2001, we tackled West View, Ridgecrest, and Edens View tanks. All were sandblasted, repainted and safety features added.

The year 2002 was highlighted with the replacement of tanks on Burning Trail and Fordtown Road. The existing tanks were in such deterioration that we felt a full replacement was necessary. By replacing them, we were also able to increase capacity for both tanks.

We mixed things up in 2003. We replaced and increased capacity of our Skyland tank, while repainting and upgrading our Tri-County tank. We have now taken care of the most deteriorated tanks in our system.

The rest of the phases will consist of sandblasting, repainting, and upgrading safety features. We will be rehabilitating Edens Ridge and Walnut Lane tanks in 2004.

We will also be doing our State-required 5-year inspection program for our tanks in 2004. BWSC will again head up this endeavor. They will be inspecting and preparing reports for each of our tanks. We will also be visiting our University tank in early 2005. Our plans from there will depend upon the reports that we receive from the inspections.

Recommended Improvements:  
  • Continue to implement the phases of this project in accordance with the priorities identified in the 2000 engineering report.
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