Water Projects:
Colonial Heights
Water Line Upgrades

Cost Estimate:

$4.2 million

Stage of Development:

Phase IV contract has been awarded to Tipton Construction for approximately $1.2 million. Construction should begin in August 2004.
We are currently working on the fourth phase of our replacement project. The first phase consisted of a 12” water main to ensure long-term availability of water to Colonial Heights. The second phase began our replacement of 2” galvanized lines in the Colonial Heights area with 6” ductile iron and 2” PVC. This phase consisted of the areas around Meadow Lane and Proffitt Lane.

In the third phase work was concentrated to Summerville Road and Patrick Henry Circle areas. The fourth phase will begin in the summer of 2004 and will take in the area around Colonial Heights Road and Woodcrest Drive.

Project budgets for these projects were (are): Phase I - $700,000, Phase II - $1.2 million, Phase III - $900,000, and Phase IV - $1.4 million.

Phase 1 was completed in fall of 2001. Phases 2 and 3 construction will wrap up by the end of April 2004. Phase 4 construction should begin by June 2004.

Recommended Improvements:
  • Replace he deteriorated, substandard water lines with new City standard pipe materials.

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