Water Projects:
Sevier Avenue

Cost Estimate:

$3 million

Stage of Development:

Project is complete.

Through years of daily use and normal deterioration of the
materials used to build the infrastructure (road,side- walk, sanitary sewer, stormsewer, and water pipes), the City initiated the largest rehabilitation project in its history. By the time the sewer project is completed the street and everything beneath it will be replaced and rebuilt.
Recommended Improvements:  
  • Remove and rebuild the concrete street
  • Widen the street by 2 1/2 - 3 feet to improve traffic safety
  • Construct a new 24 inch downtown transmission water line
  • Replace existing water service lines with new 6 inch lines
  • Install new 8 inch sanitary sewer lines
  • Replace and upgrade 18 inch stormsewers to 24 inch
  • Redesign the intersections of Sevier at Eastman and Borden Street to improve traffic turning movement safety
  • Rebuild the sidewalks
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