Water Projects:  
Ridgefields Road Bridge Waterline

Cost Estimate:


Stage of Development:

Project has been awarded to Lyons Construction for $70,500. Construction should begin in August 2004.
The City is always looking for ways to more efficiently serve our customers. This project will improve the redundancy of our system. We currently only have one feed into the Hawkins County section of Kingsport, which makes our water supply in the area extremely vunerable to widespread outages in the event of a break. We are going to install another feed by replacing the line across the Netherland Inn Bridge. In this project we are also going to place a line over the Ridgefields Road Bridge. This will serve to eventually replace a feed that we currently have under the Holston River feeding Ridgefields. The current feed is approximately 50 years old and is exposed in some places along the river bottom. If anything happens to this line we will only have one feed into the Ridgefields section. The new 12” ductile iron line we will place on the bridge will serve the area well into the future.
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