Water Projects:  
  Tri-County Pressure Zone Upgrades

Cost Estimate:


Stage of Development:

    Construction is now underway on this project, which will bring much needed water to the area.
The Tri-County pressure zone is a rural area that consists of customers in western Sullivan County and eastern Washington and Greene Counties. We have had a water tap moratorium in the area for several years because of the lack of capacity to adequately supply any new customers. We are installing 6” ductile iron lines from Lovelace Road to Moulton Greene Road to feed the Oak Glen area where a whole subdivision paid for a $35,000 line extension. We are also installing an 8” ductile iron line from Big Ridge Road to Highway 93 by way of Murrell Road. Also included is the installation of a 6” ductile iron line on Highway 93 north from Murrell Road to feed the existing businesses there, which currently have low water pressure at times. With these new lines installed we will have enough water to feed the area for years to come.
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