The Engineering Department for the City of Kingsport’s Water Services Division is responsible for project and construction management of Capital Improvement Projects. The department is also responsible for construction management and inspection on all private developments outside the City’s Urban Growth Boundary. Additional projects are also completed by various engineering firms whose activities are coordinated and effectively managed by the department.

The department performs a diverse array of technical and support services for the Water Services Division. All mapping and hydraulic modeling of the water system is maintained by the department. All waterline extension inquiries for the Water Services Division are surveyed and written estimates prepared by the department. The department also prepares permit drawings and communicates with TDOT on various in-house and contractor related projects.

Most of the department’s daily activities are conducted from the Water / Sewer Maintenance facility located at 1213 Konnarock Road, although a substantial amount of field activities is also conducted by the department’s personnel.

Our mission is to ensure that construction projects comply with City of Kingsport Engineering Specifications, standard building practices, and the design parameters. No matter the type of activity, the common mission for the department is our commitment to customer service, whether it is one-on-one with a customer or through program management associated with planning, design, and construction of a variety of facilities in our water system.

  The Engineering Department consists of five personnel; one engineer/project manager, one engineering coordinator/project manager, two senior construction inspectors, and one mapping coordinator.
Scope of Services        

The Engineering Department operates as the City’s representative on all water-related projects under construction. The services provided by the group may be summarized as follows:

  • Provide in-house design and bidding services associated with water system improvements
  • Construction management and resident inspection on all private developments outside the Urban Growth Boundary that propose to connect to the water system
  • Construction management services for the Water Services Division's Capital Imporvements Program (CIP) projects
  • Processes all payments / reimbursements related to the CIP
  • Maintains all financial records related to the CIP
  • Maintains construction contracts and records from project inception to completion
  • Project management functions related to services provided by various consulting engineers
  • Respond to and maintain database of all line extension inquiries for the water system
  • Prepare occupancy drawings for TDOT related projects
  • Trouble-shooting and resolution of unusual customer-related issues and questions
  • Review and approval of all developments which propose to connect to the City's water system
  • Hydraulic analysis and overall planning activities associated with the water system
  • Maintain mapping information for the entire system
  • Other miscellaneous functions consisting of:
    • Easement acquisition
    • Field investigation of customer requests and/or complaints
    • Production of updated standard construction specifications
Current Projects
Upcoming Projects
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Donnie Darnell-Senior Construction                             Inspector Roy Maxwell-Senior Construction                         Inspector
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James P. Collins- Mapping Coordinator    
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