Sevier Avenue Project - The Sevier Avenue project is the largest and most comprehensive utility improvement project in the history of the Kingsport Public Works Department. When the project is complete, the street - and everything around it - will be new.        More
Lift Station Improvements - An engineering study completed in 2001 outlined a multi-phase lift station repair and replacement plan that ensures environmental compliance and functional adequacy of the lift stations. More
Wastewater Plant Upgrades - An engineering study was completed in 2001 that outlined a multiphase plant rehabilitation and upgrade plan. The study identified and ranked plant deficiencies. More
Garland/Gillenwater Sewer Extension - In order to facilitate the development of the Garland and Gillenwater properties adjacent to the interstate, the City is extending sewer lines to the properties.       More
Industry Drive Sewer Relocation - One of the main City sewer trunk lines that delivers wastewater from eastern Kingsport travels immediately beneath the Weyerhouser paper plant property. This project will relocate approximately 2,900 feet of the 30" sewer from the Weyerhouser property to a new alignment along Industry Drive.          More
Sewer Extensions - In order to support residential and economic development infrastructure needs, the City plans sewer line extensions each year to serve new construction projects for areas located inside the city.      More
Inflow & Infiltration Sewer Rehabilitation -The City of Kingsport owns and operates an extensive sanitary sewer collection system that includes over 410 miles of sewer pipes. Through the years, the pipes age and leaks can develop that allow groundwater to enter the sanitary sewers.   More
Kingsport Public Works
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