Sewer Rehabilitation        
The City of Kingsport owns and operates an extensive sanitary sewer collection system that includes over 475 miles of sewer pipes. Through the years, the pipes age and defects can develop that allow stormwater runoff and groundwater to enter the sanitary sewers. Treating this at the wastewater plant is expensive, unnecessary, and reduces the overall treatment capacity of the plant which contributes to sanitary sewer surcharges into the environment during rain events. As a result of a State Order dated May 18, 1995, the City of Kingsport initiated a 15 year, $25 million sewer repair and rehabilitation project to correct the sewer defects that were subsequently identified in a May 1996 engineering study.The study analyzed the City's
sewer infrastructure and through field inspections identified priority sewer repair needs. The needs were categorized into 7 sub-basins or sewer drainage areas. Within each basin the locations of the defective pipes were identified and repair methods, e.g., cured-in-place pipe, pipe bursting, dig and replace, spot repairs, etc., were recommended. The City uses a combination of repair technologies depending upon the specific needs (e.g., location, expense, traffic disruption, etc.) at each site.

Funding for this multi-year project is included in the sewer usage rate.
Recommended Improvements:                          
  • Rehabilitate or replace the deteriorated sewer lines to conform with current City pipe performance standards.

Project Status :


Engineering and design work is on-going for future phases of this 15 year project. As of July 2003, the project was approximately 50% complete and construction is underway for the next phase of the project. Construction activity will move around to different areas of the City until the project is complete by the end of 2011.


Cost Estimate:

$25 million
  Click here to view a map of the rehabilitation areas. This map utilizes Flash which takes a little time to load so please be patient. Simply mouseover the highlighted areas for additional information.  
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