Sewer Projects:
Sewer Extensions

Cost Estimate:


Stage of Development:

Each of the projects listed below are in various stages of survey and design with construction planned to coincide with the development needs for each location during the course of FY04 (July 1, 2003 thru June 30, 2004).

Hunt Property

Airport Area

HAAP Business Incubator

Bloomingdale Trunkline

In order to support residential and economic development infrastructure needs, the City plans sewer line extensions each year to serve new construction projects for areas located inside the city. The projects are primarily derived from information supplied by the City's Planning and Development Services Department and funding is scheduled according to the prospective timeframes for new construction activity. Funding for sewer extension projects inside the city is built-in to the city's sewer rate and tap fees.
Recommended Improvements:
  • Proceed with the extension of city sewers according to the development needs of new construction in the city.
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