Lift Stations  
As a result of the topography in the 43 square mile Kingsport service area, the City utilizes approximately 90 main line lift stations and another 200 residential grinder pumps to carry wastewater over ridge lines for delivery to the wastewater plant. Approximately 80% of the flow to the plant is pushed by lift stations at some point in its journey to the treatment plant. A team of 7 employees work to ensure these facilities are operating around the clock. An engineering study completed in 2001 outlined a multi-phase lift station repair and replacement plan that ensures environmental compliance and functional adequacy of lift stations.
Recommended Improvements:                    
  • Replace failing mechanical units
  • Upgrade stations technology to ensure environmental permit compliance and improve lift station performance, e.g., telemetry
  • Computer based controls, variable speed pumps

Project Status :

Phase I is complete with new pumps and related technologies being purchased and installed at critical lift stations. Those lift stations included: Netherland Inn Bridge, West Kingsport, Norfolk Place, 2 at Crosscreek, Cooks Inlet, 2 on Abilene Drive, Wendover Place, Greenwood, Hillendale and Running Deer Trail.

Phase II and III projects are being done sumultaneously with a completion date of October 2004. These stations are: Millye Street, E. Sullivan Court, Adams Avenue, Lynn Garden Drive, Fairview Avenue, Lewis Lane, Bays Cove, Bays Cove Trail, Lochwood, Parham Place, Longreen Drive, Chestnut Hills Drive, Skyland Lane, Lakota Drive Fairlane/Perkins and 2 in Willowbrook.

Phase IV is designed and will begin construction in August 2004 and will be completed in May 2005. Lift stations to be upgraded include: Kinsler, Baysmont, Cooks Landing, Lakeland, Conway and 2 located on Memorial Blvd. between Skyland Drive and Briarcliff. Also, the lift station located on Orebank Road at Cleek Road will be eliminated and replaced with a gravity main.


Cost Estimate:

        $750,000 per year

      Click here to view a map of the Kingsport area which identifies the lift stations to be upgraded. This map utilizes Flash which takes a little time to load so please be patient. Simply mouseover the numbered areas for additional information.  
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