Sewer Projects:
           Sewer Extension

Cost Estimate:

$3 million

Stage of Development:

Engineering and design work is anticipated to be complete by fall 2002 for Phase 1 that extends the sewer trunk main from Moreland Drive along straight branch to the Garland property. Construction is scheduled to begin in fall 2003 and be complete by summer 2004.

Engineering and design is also ongoing for Phase 2 that extends the trunk main to the Gillenwater Farm property. Construction of this phase should begin in summer 2004 and be complete by the end of the year.
In order to facilitate the development of the Garland and Gillenwater properties adjacent to the interstate, the City is extending sewer lines to the properties. The project will be performed in 2 phases (and may be expanded in future years if additional annexations occur for the adjacent "Crossroads" property).

Given the topography and fiscal constraints, the sewer project will include both gravity lines and a pump station working in tandem to convey wastewater.
Recommended Improvements:
  • Extend sewer service to the Garland and Gillenwater properties.
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