Bays Mountain Lake Spillway Failure - In March 2002 a failure in the emergency spillway for the lake provided an unforgettable lesson in hydraulic force with Mother Nature supplying the newest park attraction - the Bays Mountain waterfall.          More
Eastman Road Bridge Repair - Inspection of the Eastman Road bridge over Lincoln Street by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) has discovered some degradation of the structure that needs to be repaired.       More
Future Projects - The following projects have been identified as capital needs but at this time they remain unfunded and unscheduled.     More
TDOT Projects in Kingsport MPO Area - Browse a list of TDOT projects planned or underway in Hawkins, Sullivan and Washington Counties.    More
Kingsport MPO Corridor Redevelopment
Kingsport MPO Corridor Redevelopment - The Corridor Redevelopment Committee has been meeting with the consulting firm of Neel-Schaffer since February to study ways of improving access to, through and within the Redevelopment areas. While studying these corridors the committee has looked at various types of improvements from improving the signal timing and phasing, cross-section improvements, improving signage along the corridors, as well as major modifications to the existing roadway. View the drawings demonstrating the major modifications proposed by the study.
Kingsport Public Works
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