Other Projects:
Future Projects
The following projects have been identified as capital needs but at this time they remain unfunded and unscheduled. As resources become available these projects will compete for new funding. At this time there is no prioritization of the projects.
Netherland Inn Bridge Replacement - Of the $850,000 set aside in 1999 to replace the bridge, $550,000 is being used for bridge repairs - which will leave the city approximately $300,000 to $400,000 short in funding for its share (20% of total costs) of the bridge replacement.

Fairview Road Realignment - Estimated at $220,000

Rose Tree Lane Widening - Estimated at $330,000

Netherland Inn Road Widening - Estimated at $300,000

Main Street Repairs - Estimated at $250,000

Orebank Road Drainage Project - Estimated at $120,000

Bloomingdale Pike Drainage Project - Estimated at $300,000

Lochwood Drainage Project - Estimated at $250,000

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