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Eastman Road Bridge Repair

Cost Estimate:


Stage of Development:

Engineering and design work is anticipated to be complete by August 2002. Construction is scheduled to begin in early fall 2002 and be complete by Spring 2003.

Inspection of the Eastman Road bridge over Lincoln Street by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) has discovered some degradation of the structure that needs to be repaired. The findings of the TDOT reports are summarized below:

The bridge is a precast, pre-tensioned, concrete I-beam structure that has been rated in generally "poor" condition. The approach alignment was rated as fair (there is no approach guardrail present). The bridge rail is in good condition, but is a substandard type. The wearing surface is fair with minor scaling, delamination, concrete patches, potholes, and hairline cracks. The underdeck is good with minor hairline cracks; minor spall with reinforcement rods partially exposed and smoke stains. The beams are good with minor map cracks and hairline cracks. The abutments are good with minor hairline cracks, minor delamination and water stains. The bents are poor with hairline to 1/8" cracks, moderate scaling, spalling, delamination with reinforcement exposed on bent #6. The poured sealant expansion joints are poor due to deterioration.
Recommended Improvements:
  • Proceed with bridge repairs as scheduled to restore bridge rating to "good" condition.
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