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Bays Mountain Lake Spillway Failure

Cost Estimate:


Stage of Development:

The initial emergency repairs were completed in March 2002. Engineering plans are complete for long term repair measures and construction is scheduled for late summer - early fall 2002. Funding is available for these long term repairs.
In March 2002 a failure in the emergency spillway for Bays Mountain Lake resulted in an uncontrolled flow of water over the spillway, across the Park entrance road, and off a vertical drop of 75 to 100 feet - the force of which washed out the guardrail, trees, large boulders and ultimately undermined a 35' section of the road base. Public Works crews were immediately dispatched and emergency repairs were conducted over a two day period. Before reopening the road the City retained the services of a roadway stabilization expert to inspect and validate the structural integral of the road. After extensive field tests the road was deemed safe and reopened to the general public.

After completing the emergency repairs, engineering work was performed to design drainage and roadway improvements that would prevent future incidents from occurring. The engineering work is complete and construction of the improvements is scheduled for late-summer / early fall 2002.


Recommended Improvements:
  • Repair the existing 48" corrugated metal pipe with a cement coating applied to the interior to restore some structural strength and eliminate exfiltration;
  • Install a concrete headwall on the existing pipe for additional inlet reinforcement;
  • Install a secondary 48" spillway structure (reinforced concrete pipe) as a back-up in the event of primary failure;
  • Reinforce rip-rap on side-slope with concrete slurry for additional stabilization;
  • Use natural vegetation (trees with strong tap roots, e.g., Ash, Oak) along the side slope for additional protection against slope failure
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