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On Behalf of the Department of Public Works I am pleased to welcome you to the Sevier Avenue Project Web Page. As the  visitor to this Web Page you are participating in a first-of-its-kind effort by Public Works to use the internet as a convenient and up-to-date source of information for City projects.

View the powerpoint presentation shown to the Board of Mayor and Alderman explaining the project!

Using remote control television cameras, City crews went inside the pipes underneath Sevier Avenue for a closer look. Once inside, crews discovered substantial cracking, splitting, and deterioration in the sanitary and storm sewers.

You can view a small clip of what they saw by clicking on the links below . The clip is about 12 secs long. Be patient, download may take a few minutes. You can view using Real Player which you can get here; Quicktime player, which you can get here; or, Windows Media Player downloaded from here.

Stormwater Pipes Video

Real Version - 324kb
Quicktime Version - 577kb
Windows Media Version - 62kb

The Sevier Avenue Project is one of the largest and most comprehensive improvement projects in the City's history so I hope you will join me in a Project Tour where we can explore each phase of this complex project.

  • Survey Phase
  • Design Phase
  • Road Closure Phase
  • Road Removal Phase
  • Waterline Phase
  • Sewer Line Phase
  • Road & Intersection Phase
  • Sidewalk Phase
Click here to view an historical perspective of Public Works.
Greeneville Water Truck View photos of Kingsport's past.
Countdown to Project Completion
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Construction Progress
Below are links to pages for each phase of the process, that will enable you to follow the progress of the project. The colored photos denote phases of the project which have begun. The checkmarks signify phases of the project that have been completed.

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