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The Department of Public Works is responsible for the annual maintenance of 394 miles (approximately 802 lane miles) of streets and highways spread over a 43 square mile area. Streets are used for commercial and industrial purposes, provide mobility for residents, offer enhancements to one's quality of life, serve citizens in emergencies and provide access for public safety. Preserving the infrastructure and the investments made in it are of primary importance to a city. For safety and aesthetics, streets are swept quarterly, marked annually and cleared during snowstorms. Preventative and routine maintenance measures are on going to include: pothole patching, utility cut repair, crack sealing and most visibly, resurfacing. These activities combine to preserve the asset value of a city's street network.

Concrete streets have a functional life of 50 - 60 years (even longer as Kingsport's experiences have shown), while asphalt streets have an asset life of 15 - 20 years, if properly maintained. resurfacing is an integeral part of street maintenance; it provides a new wearing course for pavement affected by high traffic volumes, weather and oxidation damage.

Each year, city forces perform a condition assessment of the streets, rating pavement conditions for alligator cracks, bumps or sags, corrugation (wash boarding), edge breakups and drop-offs, joint cracking, rutting and general rideability. Streets are identified also because of sewer line installations or I and I (Inflow and Infiltration) work.

Based on these criteria and available funding, streets are selected for resurfacing. The work is performed by both city crews and contractor crews depending upon city workloads. This fiscal year the list includes 34 of streets or 7.5 miles of resurfacing work.

Street From To Status
New St. Cherokee St. Shelby St. Finished
Willow St. Birch St. Borden St. Finished
Lamont St. Willow St. Sullivan St. Finished
Pineola St. Kings St. Lamont St. Finished
Warpath Dr. Ft. Henry Dr. Memorial Blvd. Finished
Abilene Dr. Skyland Dr. Cooks Inlet Finished
Stratford Rd. Memorial Blvd. End Finished
Street From To Status
Tenneva Dr. Carters Valley Rd. End Finished
Flanders St. Carters Valley Rd. Fletcher Ave. Finished
Fletcher Ave. Flanders St. End Finished
Harrison Acw. Carters Valley Rd. Bell Ridge Finished
Mayfield Ave. Rd. Harrison Ave. Rector St. Finished
N. Holston River Dr. Carters Valley Bridge Mail Box #493 Finished
Rector St. Mayfield Ave. Rector Dr. Finished
Dickerson St. Harrison Ave. End Finished
Brumley St. Dickerson St. Bell Ridge Finished
Clonce Ave. Brumley St. End Finished
Austin St. Dora St. End Finished
Dora St. Freeman Dr. End Finished
Primrose St. Freeman Dr. Austin St. Finished
Gordon St. Carters Valley Rd. End Finished
Freeman Dr. Carters Valley Rd. 2029 Freeman Dr. Finished
Wall St. Freeman Dr. End Finished
Moccasin St. Carters Valley Rd. End Finished
Shaw St. Carters Valley Rd. End Finished
McConnell Rd. Carters Valley Rd. End Finished
McKenzie Dr. N. Holston Dr. Bell Ridge Finished
Hurd Rd. McKensie Dr. End Finished
Allgood St. Harrison Ave. End Finished
Allgood Dr. Harrison Ave. End Finished
Paris Ave. Bell Ridge Harrison Dr. Finished
Bell Ridge Rd. Harrison Ave. Bell Ridge Dr. Finished
Bell Ridge Dr. Dickerson St. End Finished

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