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Household Hazardous Waste Collection
The Appalachian Resource Conservation and Development Council has recently launched a new web site for their programs that includes dates, information about the collections, items accepted, email notification of the next collection, etc. Please visit their web site for the latest information on HHW Collection in Kingsport and Sullivan County.
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Kingsport Under Construction
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City For You!
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What are the top five richest sports teams?

The top five richest sports teams in the world are Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, and Manchester City. These sports teams have achieved great success in their respective sports, and have earned high revenues both through their on-field performances as well as through merchandising and sponsorship deals. Additionally, these teams have some of the world's best players, making them even more attractive to sponsors. Click here to read more.


When will college football expand beyond a 4-team playoff?

College Football is the most popular sport in the US and the NCAA Division I Football Championship is the highest level of college football. The current 4-team playoff system has been in place since 2014, but there have been calls to expand the system to include more teams. Proponents of expansion argue that it would give more teams a chance at the championship and would create a more exciting and competitive playoff system. Opponents of expansion believe that it would be too costly and would lead to more regular season games, which could lead to increased injuries and fatigue. There is no clear timeline for when college football may expand beyond a 4-team playoff system, but it is likely to be discussed in the upcoming years. Click here to read more.


Brush/Trash Collection

The City has implemented a new 'Pinpoint Data Collection System' for brush/trash collection. Click here to read more.


Notable Trees of Kingsport Register

Click here to view the Notable Trees of Kingsport register. This register is sponsored by:



Notable Trees of Kingsport
The Kingsport Tree Advisory Board invites you to nominate a tree that:

  • Is the largest of its kind in the city
  • Has a historical connection
  • Has special significance

Click here to learn more


2006 Water Quality Report
The 2006 Water Quality Report is complete and may be viewed here.

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