Transportation Dept Traffic Division

Traffic Sign Department 

Maintains about 30,000 street name signs 

The traffic division has the city divided into 20 areas, and changes all the signs in 2 areas every year. This gives us our full Warranty on our signs that are guaranteed for 10 years. This allows us to keep New Signs up at all times. 

We set up all Work Zones and Road Closings thru out the City of Kingsport 

We do all the blockings for all road races, and race walks every year. ( not to mention the City of Kingsport holds the Worlds Record in the men and  women's 8k 

We do all the blocking for fun fest, car shows, Broad  St Bashes etc… 

We take our old signs and have the faces sanded down and Re-use the metal, so that makes us Recyclable friendly. 

We pull all signs from the City's Right of Way to keep the Right of Way clean 

We Block for all the parades such as Fun Feat, Christmas, 4th of July, Martin Luther 


We paint all of the city's parking spaces in all of the lots and all the on street  spaces, handi cap, loading zones, yellow curbs, etc… 

We install all the Crosswalks, School Crossings, Arrows only, Yields and Stop Bars 

We Paint about 250 miles of roadway every year. 

We use 3M materials, Thermoplastic materials and Pre-Mark materials and paint 

Traffic Signals 

We maintain about 105 Traffic Signals 

We Re-Lamp half of these signals every year which gives us 2 years of life for our Traffic signal bulbs 

We maintain about 10 Closed Loop Systems in the City of Kingsport 

We do new Traffic Signal Installations and Up-grades

We hang all Flags, Banners, and Christmas decorations here in the city which includes but is not limited to Fun Fest, Volunteer Kingsport, United Way, and 8 different flag occasions, Christmas banners, etc… 

Street Lights

We maintain all the parking lot lights and High Mast Lights @ I-81 and Ft Henry Dr.

City Of Kingsport has over 9,000 street lights   

 Performance Indicators

Performance Measure


01-02 02-03 03-04


Work orders received 129 125 125 100 100
Work orders completed 120 125 125 100 100
Traffic count performed 64 175 139 85 85
Traffic signs installed 160 250 250 100 200
Traffic signs maintained 984 1200 1200 610 1000

Street miles painted

71 65 58 60 65

Traffic signals install/upgraded

18 8 8 2 8

Traffic signal maintenance calls

425 425 425 685 600
Street lights maintained 8400 8500 8700 8800 8900
Street lights Installed 131 80 69 80 120

Work Zone Request

210 210 220 200 220



Tony Dingus (Traffic Maintenance Technician) Randy Williams (Traffic Maintenance Technician) Dave Falin (Traffic Maintenance Technician)
Trevor Bellamy (Traffic Maintenance Technician) Rick Harris (Traffic Maintenance Technician) Kevin Long (Traffic Maintenance Technician)
Mike Corder (Traffic Maintenance Technician) Richard Page (Traffic Control Technician) Ray Hensley (Traffic Control Technician)

Supervisor Andy Hobbs  

Traffic Engineer Mike Thompson

Traffic Engineer Tech. Jimmy Hensley

Compliant Numbers are 423 224-2427  423 224-2424 

Hours are from 7:30-4:00 pm

You may request service/report problem from our Traffic Department. Each request will be answered as promptly as possible.