Leaf Collection ended on January 15th.

The following are the citys 5 routes for leaf pick-up. They are followed in sequential order from the western city limits to the eastern city limits.

Route 1 Route 2 Route 3 Route 4 Route 5
Bays Cove
Allandale Estates
Fort Robinson
Afton St
Rotherwood Estates

Clouds Ford
Lynn Garden
Hollywood Hills
Upper Sevier Terrace
Bays View Area
Carter's Valley Area

Bloomington Heights
Preston Forest
Lower Sevier Terrace
Gibson Town
Nelson Town
Sullivan St Area
Buttermilk Road Area
Vernon Heights
Rock Springs

Cherokee Village
Hammond Park
Dobyns Addition
Warpath Drive Area
Roller St Area
Borden Mill Area
Oakwood Forest

Cooks Valley
Skyland Drive Area
Beverly Hills
Hemlock Park Area
Colonial Heights

Fall Leaf Collection Service Guidelines
  1. Please rake leaves into a pile at the curb. When the leaves are in piles City crews can move more quickly through the neighborhoods.
  2. Where possible, avoid piling leaves where cars are parked or where tree limbs make access difficult.
  3. Please remove tree limbs, rocks, bricks and any other debris that might be mixed in with leaves. These materials damage the equipment and will cause service delays.
  4. If you have bagged leaves, place them at the curb and call the Leaf Line at 224-2429 to schedule pick up.
  5. The vacuum motor on the leaf trucks generates noise and a certain amount of dust. The City replaces dust filters as often as possible, but if the season is dry it is nearly impossible to eliminate dust. We apologize for the inconvenience and we will continue to do our best to control dust.
  6. To prevent leaf fires during the week of Halloween, please consider bagging leaves or waiting until after Halloween to rake out your leaves.
  7. The crews work on a tight schedule, so once they complete a pass in your neighborhood they cannot come back until the next scheduled pass. Each neighborhood will receive 10 passes.