The Kingsport Greenbelt is a series of trails for walking, jogging, and cycling which meander along gentle streams, wander through marsh lands - open meadows - commercial districts - and residential neighborhoods. Through the use of flood plain land and available open spaces the City has been able to develop this type of linear corridor park.

The concept of a Greenbelt became reality in the 1970's when Boatyard/Riverfront Park was developed. After the initial construction of a trail in this park, interest in the creation of additional trails grew. Since that time a total of over six miles of trails have been built and are actively utilized by the public. (Ultimately the Greenbelt will extend between the east and west boundaries of the city and will connect people, parks, neighborhoods, business and schools.)

Several important groups are in place to assist and guide the Greenbelt. Primary direction comes from the Greenbelt Citizen's Advisory Committee, the Kingsport Tomorrow Greenbelt Parks and Trails Task Force and the Kingsport Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee. These groups assist in overall plan development, design phases, promotions, community input sessions, fund raising, and volunteer work (i.e. cleanups, beautification, special events). Overall administration of the Greenbelt is through the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Kingsport. For more information call (423) 229-9457.

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