Adopt - A - Spot

A unique way for you to make Kingsport a more beautiful place to be.

The City of Kingsport and the Beautification Committee of Keep Kingsport Beautiful invites you to play a personal role in Keeping Kingsport Beautiful.

By adopting a spot to beautify in Kingsport, you agree to:

  • Keep the area free of weeds
  • Keep the area free of litter and debris
  • Water and care for flowers if present
  • Provide landscaping materials (if you choose)
For more information please contact

by or by phone (423)229-9352


Broad St.
Church Cir. Methodist Church
Church Cir. First Babtist Church
Church Cir. Presbyterian Church
Church Cir. Woordward Center
City Hall
Cliffside Cir.
Cloud Park
Commerce St. Parking Lot
Communications Bldg.
Fire Station #1 Parking Lot
Five Points Parking Lot
Fleetwood Median
Greenbelt Dobyn's Edition Bed
Greenbelt Golf Crafters Parking Lot
Greenbelt (Rock Wall)
Greenbelt (Timber Box Raised Bed)
Hammond Park
I-181/J.B. Dennis Ramp
I-181/J.B. Dennis Ramp (Wild Flowers)
J.B. Dennis/Shell Station
J. Fred Johnson (Park Sign)
Justice Center
KNS Parking Lot (Clay & Main)
Legion Pool
Liberty Garden & D.B. Sign
Meadow Gardens (Wild Flower)
Millennium Parking Lot
Morrell Music (Welcome Sign)
Orebank/Chestnut Hills Triangle
Personnel Building
Pinebrook Dr.
Revere St. Parking Lot
Ridgefields Park Sign
Rotherwood Park
Sullivan Parking Lot
V.O. Dobyns Community Center
Waste Water Plant
Water Plant

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