Streets & Sanitation
Good Friday Holiday
The garbage, trash and recycling crews will be running their regular route on April 10, Good Friday.

Yard Waste Change
Effective January 19, we will be implementing a change in our yard waste (trash) collection schedules. Yard waste will be picked up the next working day after your regularly scheduled garbage/recycling pick up day. The crews will make every attempt to service each route on a weekly basis. However, in peak seasons each route will be divided into two sections. After crews finish the first section they will start on the second section. If they are unable to finish the second section on the scheduled day the crews will then start back on the unfinished section the following week on the regularly scheduled day. This should allow us to service a majority of the City on a weekly basis.

Clean Up Week
This year's Clean Up Week will fall between April 13 - 17. This is the week when we pick up items that we normally aren't able to during the rest of the year. Call 229-9451 for more details.

Notable Trees of Kingsport Register
The Notable Trees of Kingsport Register has been updated to include this year's trees. Click here to view pictures. Sponsored by:

Notable Trees of Kingsport
The Kingsport Tree Advisory Board invites you to nominate a tree that:

  • Is the largest of its kind in the city
  • Has a historical connection
  • Has special significance

Click here to learn more.

Remembering With Trees - A Living Tribute
Click here to view a tour that covers Kingsport's history of Tree Fund Plantings.

Changes to Sanitation
There's been some changes to the items that we pick up for a charge. Here's the new list:

º Appliance . . . Free
º Discarded Furniture . . . Free
º Carpet . . . $25.00
º Building Material . . . $80.50 per ton
º "Backdoor" pick-up . . . $264.00 annually
º Purchase or replacement of 96-gallon cart . . . $60.00
º Purchase or replacement of 32-gallon cart . . . $60.00

If you have questions concerning the new Garbage/Trash policy, call (423)229-9451, or email us .

Garbage Automation
Click here to learn more about our current garbage automation program.