Traffic Projects:

Cost Estimate:

Netherland Inn Bridge

$3 million:
      $2.4 million Federal Funding
      $600,000 City Funding

Stage of Development:

Existing Bridge
    The repair work on the Netherland Inn Bridge began on Monday August 5, 2002. Under the direction of the City's structural engineers, the bridge contractor has begun removing the asphalt decking in order to access the 5 deteriorated steel floor beams that have lost all structural strength and must be cut out and replaced with new steel beams. The contractor also has a list of locations beneath the bridge that were identified during TDOT inspections that will require steel reinforcement, replacement welds, etc. When the steel work is complete the contractor will clean the bridge structure and re-paint it in order to provide further protection from the elements that contribute to corrosion.

  The contractor is required to complete the work by November 3, 2002 or be subject to financial penalty. Once the contractor work is finished TDOT must then re-inspect the bridge to be certain that it meets federal and state safety standards. The bridge repairs were designed to extend the service life of the bridge for another 10 years. Once the City receives TDOT approval, the bridge will be re-opened to car traffic only. Due to the weight of trucks, truck traffic will be prohibited from using the bridge as a precautionary measure.

New Bridge
    TDOT reports that the design work for the new bridge is nearing completion and they anticipate having their first "field review" of the plans by the end of August 2002. The field visit will provide City staff with an early look at the exact location of the new bridge and the corresponding impacts on adjoining properties. Once the design work is finalized, TDOT will move the project into the right-of-way acquisition phase which is programmed for 6-9 months. Once the necessary right-of-way has been obtained, a construction contract will be bid. Based on the existing TDOT schedule, the new bridge is expected to be built over the next 2-4 years.


On December 2001, TDOT notified the City. The City signed contract with TDOT in 1999 to proceed with replacement of the Netherland Inn Bridge under the Federal Bridge Replacement Program. TDOT inspections revealed advanced stages of structural deterioration in the steel "superstructure" including bridge floor beams, trusses and support members. The condition of the structure clearly indicated that the 70 year old bridge was nearing its design service life, and in December 2001, TDOT notified the City that the bridge must be closed for traffic safety reasons.
Recommended Improvements:
  • Replace the bridge structure with a modern functional facility
  • Design the bridge with safe bike and pedestrian facilities
  • Design the bridge consistent with the historical character of the area, e.g. light fixtures, railing etc.
  • Improve traffic safety at the intersections on both ends of the bridge
  • Enhance connectivity to Riverfront Park and the Greenbelt

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