Kingsport Public Works

                  Capital Improvement Project Request Form

The Department of Public Works has created this Project Request Form for city residents and businesses to use to submit their ideas for future capital projects in Kingsport. Each year Public Works has a wide range of capital improvement and repair projects in various stages of planning and construction. Due to resource constraints it is not possible to do every project each year so priorities are established and long-term capital needs are developed based on those priorities.

Please understand that submission of a new project idea does not guarantee that funding will be available to do the project. However, using the criteria explained below the City will evaluate each project proposal and valid projects will be added to the overall priority list so that should funding become available staff has a list of projects that need attention.

Priority-Setting Rating Scale

Very High (10)
1. An emergency that's a threat to life and/or property, or a condition in which there will be a large monetary loss.
2. Any condition or situation that could hurt the quality of life of a majority of citizens.
3. A condition in which action must be taken or a decision must be made immediately, or the condition will escalate in severity.
4. Potentially great harm to a function critical to the fulfillment of the organization's mission.
5. A mandate by the federal or state government that needs to be met immediately.

High (7)
1. A condition or situation that requires prompt attention because delays will cause a service delivery failure in a high-priority activity.
2. A condition that could have safety or cost implications for the community at large.
3. An action that would benefit the vast majority of the community.
4. Fulfillment of one or more goals, and/or benefit to a large segment of the community.
5. A mandate by the federal or state government that needs to be met within a specific period of time or within the current budget year.

Normal-Operations Priority (5)
1. A need to accomplish a task at a regular, programmed pace and to follow standard protocols.
2. A benefit to any segment of the community and contribution toward fulfilling one or more goals.
3. Action item contained in the budget.

Low (3)
1. A condition that has limited citizen and/or low council support and is not related to safety.
2. A situation in which there will be little impact if action is delayed or can be performed on a future date, when time or money is available.
3. A condition that benefits only a small segment of the community.
4. Item off a "wish list" for projects, programs, or tasks.

Very Low (1)
1. A condition that is not safety-related and/or has little or no support from staff, citizens, or council.
2. Benefit to only a tiny portion of the community, on which action could be deferred without any noticeable negative impact.
3. One of the last things you would do, if you could afford to do everything.


Project Request Questions
Please answer as many of the questions below as possible so that staff has a good understanding
of your project request.

Type of Project
Please identify the category in which your project would best "fit".

Drainage/Flooding Street/Curb/Gutter: New or Repair
Traffic: Signs, Signals, Striping Sanitary Sewer/Lift Station
Drinking Water Sidewalk: New or Repair
Street Trees: New or Trim Other:

Project Location
Please identify the location for your proposed project.

Project Description
Please describe the project you would like the city to consider.

Project Requested By: