You are welcome to view powerpoint slideshows and reports as presented to the Board of Mayor and Alderman (BMA) on a variety of Public Works projects. Due to the large file size, some of the presentations have been broken down into parts to try to ease download speed and time.
Dave Ruller
Powerpoint Presentations
Downtown Water Line Update
  • Part 1:Waterline Breaks & Characteristics
  • Part 2:Joint Integrity, Break Pattern, Recommendations
  • Part 3:Pipe Route Study, Upgrades, Schedule Overview

Sevier Avenue Project
  • Part 1: Construction proposals

Netherland Inn Bridge Closure
  • Part 1: TDOT notice, Structural Elements
  • Part 2: Deterioration, Inspection Reports
  • Part 3: TDOT design, Alternative alignment concept
  • Part 4: TDOT reply, Vehicle traffic
  • Part 5: Detour, Activity Schedule, Critical Decision Path
  • Part 6: Paths for repairs decision
  • Part 7: Path Outcomes


2003 Legislative Update

Netherland Inn Bridge Update - March '03

  • I-26 Presentation

Trash Report - Six Sigma  
  • Six Sigma Presentation (Adobe Acrobat)
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the reports.
  • Downtown Water Line Project Summary
  • Downtown Water Line Q&A
  • Water Fund Flat Line
  • Sewer Fund Rate Report
  • Biosolids Summary
  • Downtown Waterline Construction Activity Schedule
  • Sidewalk Report 2000
  • Leaf Collection Guidelines
  • 2002 - 2003 Leaf Performance Report
  • Street Paving Report
  • Bridge Report
  • 2004 Proposed Utility Fund
  • 2002 to 2003 3rd Quarter Financial Report
  • Trash Survey Results (Six Sigma)
  • Trash Routes Through June 2004(Does not require Acrobat)
  • Fiscal Year 2004 Utilities Report
  • Goose Team Report
  • State of Public Infrastructure