Hank Clabaugh, PE
City Engineer

phone: 423-229-9324


Judy Vaughn
Office Administrator

phone: 423-229-9475

Our Mission:

Developing and improving a model public infrastructure for the Model City.


Key Success Factor #1: Citizen Friendly Government:
  • Developed an information pamphlet for residents who are involved in surveying efforts.
  • Distributes an informational letter to every resident impacted by any construction related activity.
  • Coordinated with various businesses and organizations to facilitate the repair of the Eastman Road Bridge and minimize the negative impact on effected groups.
  • Answered approximately 6,000 calls relating to citizens concerns, customer inquiries and outside questions from contractors and consultants.
Key Success Factor #2: Qualified Municipal Work Force:
  • Department staff attends numerous training programs and continued education for technical advancements.
Key Success Factor #3: Economic Growth and Development:
  • Completed six infrastructure improvement/expansion projects valued at approximately $1.1 million that support existing and prospective developments and plans of service
  • Reviewed plans for approximately 20 sub divisions and inspected for quality assurance the installation of infrastructure including water, sewer, walks, roads, storm sewer and erosion control for approximately 12 developments.
Key Success Factor #4: Stewardship of Public Funds:
  • All infrastructure projects completed this year were completed under budget.
  • Estimates for projects designed and built by Engineering were within 10% of actual cost of the projects.
Key Success Factor #5: Reliable, Dependable Infrastructure:
  • The Netherland Inn Road Bridge and Eastman Road Bridge have been renovated and Lincoln Street Bridge has been engineered to extend their lives.
  • Approximately 3 miles of City roads were resurfaced most of which were also milled and approximately 10,700 square feet of sidewalk were replaced.
  • Storm drain improvements including Thornton Drive, Edens Ridge detention, Preston Park Erosion management and detention, Eastern Star Road, Rivermont and the CSX landslide on Netherland Inn Road.
Key Success Factor #6: Superior Quality Of Life:
  • Construction of a 1,220 feet Long walking Trail and other amenities were completed at Ridgefields Park and bids were completed for a 1,440 feet addition to the Greenbelt.
  • Engineering staff worked to produce design and layouts for walking trails and gardens near the Greenbelt to be known as Meadow Gardens.