Kingsport's Landfill is a demolition landfill. This means they can accept anything except household garbage, carpet, mattresses, or appliances. While the trash items are dumped and buried, the brush waste is burned in a pit burner. This has helped to expand the estimated life span of our landfill to seventy years.

The Landfill fee is $30.50 per ton/pro-rated

The second Saturday of every month will be a free day.

Hours of Operation:

7:30 to 4:00 Monday - Friday
8:00 to 12:00 Saturday

  • Size of Service Area: 43.96 square miles
  • Population Served: 41,213
  • Type of Service: demolition landfill
  • Employees: 6 employees
  • Pieces of Equipment:
    • CAT D8N dozer
    • CAT 953C trackloader
    • CAT 627E double barrel scraper
    • CAT 120 motor grader
    • CASE W11-B rubber tire loader
    • FORD 3930 series tractor-bushhog
    • tire splitter
  • Items Accepted:
    • brick or block
    • rock
    • dirt-soil
    • road spoils (asphalt, concrete)
    • building materials (sheet rock, lumber)
    • wood (pallets, brush, trees, stumps)
    • tires (car, truck)
    • ferrous metals (swing sets, grills, grills, pots, pans)
    • shingles
    • glass
    • construction spoils
    • barrels & 55 gallon drums (emptied and cut in half)