What will the city pick up?
Household and yard refuse. Note that kitchen garbage, carpet, cardboard or any other paper product is picked up with one truck while grass, brush or any wood or metal products are picked up with another. Please keep them separated.
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What is a chargeable item?
Building Materials, Appliances, Carpet, and Furniture are all chargeable. You can call our offices at (423)229-9451 to make arrangements for them to be picked up, or use our Service Request page to make the arrangements online.
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What are the costs of chargeable items?
The costs are:

Carpet $ 25.00 per pick up
Furniture $ 10.00 each
Appliances $ 10.00 each
Building Materials $ 15.00 truck fee + Landfill fee of
$ 27.50 per ton/pro-rated
Refer to the Brush Collection page for more information.
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Why does the city charge for these items?
These charges were put into effect by the Board of Mayor and Alderman to help offset the cost to the City for disposal.
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What will the city not pick up?
The city cannot pick up:

  • Batteries
  • Paint and Paint Products
  • Butane and Gas Tanks
  • Dead Animals
  • Hazardous Liquid or Materials
  • Infectious Materials
  • Biological Waste
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When should I set out my garbage?
No more than 24 hours prior to and no later than 6:30 a.m. of the day of pick up. There should be no more than eight bags. Please bring cans back in within 24 hours after pick up.
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What is back door service?
Back door service is a paid garbage pick up where the city will go up to your door and collect your garbage without your having to bring it out to the curb. The service is $200 per year. Disability and low income waivers or reductions in fees are availiable. Please call (423)229-9451 to find out more details.
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Where should I place my brush to be picked up?
On the right of way of your property and clear of all utility lines, poles, trees, fences or any other obstruction. We cannot go onto private property to pick up trash, garbage or recycling.
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What can be recycled?
You can find the entire list on our Recycling page.
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When is leaf season and does the city provide bags?
Leaf season runs from the middle of October through the middle of January. After that, you must bag up your leaves and place them with the rest of your trash. The city does not provide bags.
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When is the free day at the Landfill?
The second Saturday of each month is the free day at the landfill. This is sponsored by Sullivan County and all items normally taken to the landfill will be accepted.
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Why is my water bill so high?
The problem is frequently the cause of a bad toilet flapper. Try putting food coloring inside the toilet tank and let it sit overnight. If there is coloring in the bowl the next mornng (and you haven't flushed) then the flapper needs to be replaced.
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How can I tell if I have a water leak outside?
Cut the water off going to your house and notice the triangle inside the meter. If it's still turning, you have a leak. Call (423)229-9416 to report it.
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