Civil Engineering & Project Management

Civil Engineers review/approve subdivision/developments for waste/sewer lines, storm drains, and roadways; oversee design and construction of roads, water mains, sanitary sewer system, and storm drainage systems; monitor both the construction and payments attributable to specific construction project/program; verify contractor work is properly completed prior to release of payments.

They also direct and supervise the work of Inspectors, Surveyors, and Drafters; schedule work with utility companies and other governmental agencies; manage construction problems where unseen conditions occur, approve modifications to plans; periodically inspect bridges in compliance with Federal Bridge Inspection Program, recommend deficiency correction; recommend solutions to local drainage and street designs problems.

Project Managers of the Engineering Division design street, drainage, and other public works improvements; assign and provide general supervision for surveying and construction inspection personnel in the preparation of plans and drawings and the construction projects; prepare cost and quantity estimates and specifications.

They also review preliminary plats and plans submitted by contractors, consultants, or the general public for conformance with municipal codes, standards, and ordinances.

Project Managers answer public inquires in person or by telephone regarding engineering programs and projects; coordinate plan preparation with other municipal departments, state agencies, and utility companies as appropriate.



Hank Clabaugh, PE
City Engineer


phone: 423-229-9324

Mike Hickman
Project Manager


phoe: 423-224-2726

Phillip King


phone: 423-224-2416

Gary Dault, PE


phone: 423-229-9387